What is The Motherly Collective? The recently-debuted Motherly Collective showcases the stories, experiences and advice from brands, writers and experts who want to share their story with our community.

We believe that there is no single story of motherhood, and that every mother’s journey is unique. By amplifying each mother’s experience and offering expert-driven content, we can support, inform and inspire each other on this incredible journey. Motherly currently engages 30M+ mothers monthly across our website, social, email, and podcast audiences.

What you can expect as a Collective contributor:

  • Story with your byline published on Motherly 
  • An author page, which will include a photo of you or your brand logo and a 2-3 sentence bio with social handles and links to your website (see an example here).
  • Up to 3 inbound links to your website and the ability to mention your brand or business in the body copy of your story

Interested? Here's what to expect: Before accepting a story, we’ll work with you on your story headline and angle (typical word count is 600-900 words). Our editors will expertly edit your content and provide feedback (if required), and send you the published URL with a tracking link when the story is published for you to share with your networks. 

Examples of Motherly Collective posts

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.